Following the New Year’s fairy tale theater takes work and play Vyacheslav Durnenkov Yuri Alesina «At village to my grandmother.» This cheerful and kind story about the adventures of a teenager who decided to realize his dream — to see his grandmother, he had never seen, even on the photo. Grandmother, incidentally, is also puzzled unexpectedly announced his grandson. We must help the «relative» to restore memory. New «village» friends of the hero invented an original way, and they age with characteristic energy and enthusiasm made ​​for the cause. Traditional family values​​, fortunately, are still relevant not only for the past generation, but also for the young. And it is very valuable, this is what needs to be protected …
Director — People’s Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Pryakhin art director — Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kalmykia Valery Yashkul.

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