Following the New Year’s fairy tale theater takes work and play Vyacheslav Durnenkov Yuri Alesina «At village to my grandmother.» This cheerful and kind story about the adventures of a teenager who decided to realize his dream — to see his grandmother, he had never seen, even on the photo. Grandmother, incidentally, is also puzzled unexpectedly announced his grandson. We must help the «relative» to restore memory. New «village» friends of the hero invented an original way, and they age with characteristic energy and enthusiasm made ​​for the cause. Traditional family values​​, fortunately, are still relevant not only for the past generation, but also for the young. And it is very valuable, this is what needs to be protected …
Director — People’s Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Pryakhin art director — Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kalmykia Valery Yashkul.

May 31 Bugulminsky theater performance «The village, to my grandmother,» directed by People’s Artist Vladimir RT Pryakhina closes its 79th season, putting two «adult» play: except the title — and even comedy R.Kuni «Case» — and three «children «:» Make and you desire «(Christmas tale),» Olympic tree «and» cherished flower. »

Now the work — a play by Jean sarman «Ma — Mure» (director — director Alex Molostov), which plans to open 80 — th, anniversary, season.

27 / IV Theatre will premiere «On the village to the grandmother» on the play by contemporary playwrights and V.Durnenkova Yu.Alesina. Genre its performance director People’s Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Pryakhin defined as adventure travel. «Journey», but only one character, chief, decided to find their «historical roots.» But adventurous enough for all heroes, young and not so. Behind all this, attractive and interesting — deep thought. All creators play hope that it is right and they will be able to convey to her audience.

Засл. арт. РФ, народный артист РТ

Honored Artist of Russia and People’s Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Ismagilovich Salimov — 65!
We heartily congratulate our dear jubilee and wish him further creativity and good health for many years to come.

The theater.

6/IV premiere tale «cherished flower» directed by novice director Rustem Fayzdrahmanova. Cast almost all young people, much to the imagination, which are many, which makes setting a lively and original. Unlike conventional tale in our two acts with one intermission. And this bold experiment requires sufficient professional performers. Tale is designed for children and adults: parents, grandparents …

On March 27, the Tatar State Academic Theatre. G.Kamalasostoyalas ceremony annual theater prize of the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan «Tintin», which was attended by Minister of Culture and Ayrat Sibagatullin. 112 participants, 81 application for (10 nominations). Best Actress Award «Tintin» was awarded and presented Honoured Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan Natalia Borodina (the role of Faith, «Great Soviet Encyclopedia» director Vladimir Pryakhin Bugulminsky State Russian Drama Theatre).

Наталия Бородина

Results of the X International Festival of Russian Theatres «Bridge of Friendship»

Commenting on the results of the X International Festival of Russian Theatres «Bridge of Friendship» in Yoshkar-Ola, add a deep sense of satisfaction that we did not come empty-handed, received a letter from the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Mari El and Diploma for Best Actress (Vera), which awarded our theater actress, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan Natalia Borodina.


Opening of the 79th theater season

October 18, 2013.
Bugulminsky State Russian Drama Theatre named after A.V.Batalova predyubileyny opens its 79th theater season premiere performances
«Case» (R.Kuni).
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